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Introducing: ProductBridge Advisors

I've been privileged over the past year to help companies in a variety of verticals: FinTech, EdTech, Fitness, Inventory Management, Recruiting, and Cannabis, to name a few. Part of what's made this possible has been the ability to lean on my network of stellar Product leaders from across the industry.

I'm pleased to now open that network up to ProductBridge clients.

Meet Our First Advisors

ProductBridge Advisors are leaders in both Product Management and their respective fields. Our Advisors are currently happily employed, sorry recruiters, but offer their expertise gratis to current ProductBridge clients.

Bryan loves building things. He is Head of Product/Engineering at Sandbox VR, an early-stage location-based VR startup. Previously, he led product teams across consumer (Postmates) & enterprise (AppDirect). He has built a few startups from the ground-up and leverages his founder roots in whatever product, team and problem that grabs his interest. His passion is being an early-stage generalist. With a diverse background including all things consumer, enterprise, platforms, SaaS, multi-sided marketplaces, and FinTech, Bryan has grown from his experiences as an engineer, CTO, founder and product person.

Anna Marie is a product manager, advisor, speaker, and writer. Her experiences range from consumer Blockchain (leading core trading experiences at Coinbase), to B2B enterprise SaaS (developing workplace collaboration product at Yammer and Asana). She currently heads up Automation at Asana, building out workflow automation, end-user programming, intelligent systems, and other non-attentive technology. You can find her on Twitter and Medium, as well as on her podcast, Clearly Product.

Gemmy has been in Product Management for 10 years and is currently Head of Product at Solv, a Greylock/Benchmark-backed healthcare marketplace enabling same day / next day doctor's visits. Previously, Gemmy was a Product leader at Instagram, where he launched Instagram's Business Tools - now used by tens of millions of small businesses around the world - and built consumer experiences for consumers to engage with and transact with business on Instagram. Gemmy also was Head of Product at Hired, a job marketplace, and a Product Manager at OpenTable. Prior to his product career, he worked in venture capital and in management consulting, and has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science From UC Berkeley.


ProductBridge Advisors are available starting today! New and existing clients can email or contact us here to learn more.

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