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We've found the most successful engagements have been those where we've been embedded with our clients and able to get the feel for the organization and offer guidance beyond the project scope. Included for the duration of projects and offered standalone, @visors join the company Slack and are available for advice, feedback, and small projects up to eight hours a month. 

Strategy Development

Great products start with great companies. Let us facilitate these crucial conversations for your company!

Fractional Leadership

As experienced leaders, we can support your team through headcount gaps. We'll even help you interview the full-timer when you're ready!

Development of New Initiatives

Validate/invalidate new feature ideas before the company spends significant resources on them (including product co-founder time!).

Organizational Design

Building a great product is as much about the communication structures and org chart (another communication structure) of the team building it as the idea itself.

Process Development

Process is often a dirty word at startups and often what makes or breaks them. We've operated at companies of all sizes. Let us help you design processes that will work for your teams today and scale with the organization.


We've presented to audiences from San Francisco to Montreal, Australia, and India. Recent talks include "Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,""Running A Data Driven Product Organization," and "Scaling Product Strategy."

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